Doughty Street-II

This house on Doughty Street was given to us in shambles, leaky walls and floors, uneven woodwork and simply ghastly. We worked on the plumbing, wall insulation, flooring and levelling.

This beautiful house with multiple bedrooms now has several wardrobes, shelves, cabinets and book cases; which are designed in chestnut and teak wood which gives the space a much more relaxed and serene feel. Each of the bedroom is thoughtfully planned to add in storage space. Keeping the walls in a simple shade of white and illuminated in soft yellow lighting, it makes the house cozy. The entire staircase is rebuilt in wood, which gives it a more ritzy look. The bathrooms are pulled up a notch to sheer bliss as new bathtubs are installed in, shower cubicles and other toilet fixtures; completely new tile work and flooring too. The utility space now has the latest fixtures of a dryer and washer, above the dryer and washer there are multiple shelves and cabinets for detergents and other washing agents.

The kitchen and dinning area is stunning! The kitchen has a two sided counter, on the first side is a four stove hob, with a chimney shaft; oven and dishwasher, and has cabinets of steel blue and grey. The opposite to is lies the counter with a large sink, a prep space and more cabinets for storage. Along the counter is a double door refrigerator. The dinning area is just across the kitchen, the flooring is of lovely teak wood paneling, from the ceiling hangs a decorative exquisite chandelier. The dinning space opens up to a deck balcony which has a green patch, just a little nature and green to the subtle décor.

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