Great Ormond Street

A maelstrom this tiny flat got us on our toes to give it the best finesse. A stride to utilize the entire space economically and beautifully.

One corner consisting of a window on one side and the other wall lined with shelves and a side cabinate with a center picture frame. In front lined with a long retro sofa and another sofa forming an ā€˜Lā€™ shape, in center a small persian carpet to complete the picture perfect scene. The entrance foyer has a cabinate with an acrhed mirror and side chair.

The bath has a simple bathtub with brown and tan block tiling and a glass partition. The kitchen is also simplestic with four hob stove inbuilt oven and white panalled modular top and bottom cabinates with a wooden top; a dishwasher. Electrical points placed strategically for kitchen appliances. This flat now has a spaced up look and is moderned up!

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